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Services - Policy

Services - Policy

You wouldn’t want to go out in a rainstorm without an umbrella. Why would you allow your school system to be exposed and unprotected because of out-of-date policies? It is the role of the school board to ensure comprehensive policies are in place to guide the school system and school operations.

Setting policy is the school board's primary function. Policies must be fair and reasonable and must be developed in accordance with state and federal laws, case law and sound business practices.

Developing and maintaining legally sound, practical policies are top priorities for school boards. The Alabama Association of School Boards assists members with user friendly, cost-effective policy services.  Our package of policy services help boards craft and maintain policies that are pragmatic, fair and developed in accordance with current state and federal laws, regulations, administrative directives, court decisions, education policy research and sound business practices. Avoid the headaches. Save money and time.

How AASB Helps

AASB assists school boards in developing legally sound, practical policies in four useful ways:

  1. The Policy Pipeline subscription service
  2. A Policy Review and Analysis Service
    • General review of policies
    • Recommendation of deletion, supplementation or revision of existing policies or addition of new policies
    • Reorganizing and/or reformatting of the policy manual to improve its utility and accessibility
    • Providing a report to the board identifying and explaining any recommended changes
    • Meeting with board representatives to discuss policy needs, areas of concern or to review recommended changes
  3. The Policy Listserv
  4. Online Policy Links

To Find Out More

  • Ask to join the listserv for policy managers employed by Alabama boards of education who want to get and share policy information.
  • Contact AASB or call 334.277.9700 with policy questions or to request details on the policy service.
  • Submit a link to your school systems' online policies.

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