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  • Staff

    The AASB staff is led by an executive director.

  • Governance

    A 14-member Board of Directors governs AASB in accordance with the association’s bylaws. The board consists of two elected officers (president and vice president), nine directors representing geographical locations in the state, the immediate past president (so long as he or she is a school board member), a non-voting member of the state Board of Education and AASB's executive director, who serves in a non-voting, ex-officio role.

    Officers, Directors & Committees

    AASB’s executive director serves as the board’s secretary. State officers – the president and vice president – are elected to a two-year term. An officer may be elected to the same office no more than one term. The vice president is eligible to seek election as president after his or her term. If still serving on his or her local school board, the immediate past president continues to serve as an officer. Officers are nominated by a Nominations Committee (download self-nomination form) and elected by the Delegate Assembly, which is comprised of representatives from all Member School Boards. Directors may be elected to up to two complete, two-year terms by the member boards in their AASB districts. Some districts elect officers.

  • Delegates and Delegate Assembly

    The AASB Board of Directors meets about five times a year to direct association activities as determined by the Delegate Assembly. The Delegate Assembly, which convenes during the annual convention, establishes AASB goals and positions on major education issues. Delegates are selected by member school boards to represent their boards during AASB’s annual business meeting. Delegates are allotted on the basis of student enrollment. Each school board is allotted at least one delegate. The names of delegates and alternate delegates are submitted each fall to AASB.

  • Committees

    Members also participate in association governance through various committees. A variety of committees advise the board on AASB activities, including Resolutions, Bylaws, Nominating, Executive/Legislative and Academy Advisory. Committee members are appointed (Apply Here) for one-year terms by the AASB president with the approval of the Board of Directors. For a full list of committees and their duties, view the association’s bylaws.

  • Members

    AASB’s more than 900 individual members of full boards of education represent 139 local boards of education and other boards governing K-12 public education agencies; about 1,500 public schools; and nearly 745,000 students. AASB offers various levels and types of membership. School Board Administrative Assistants often add newly elected or appointed school board members to the association's eMEMBERSHIP database, but new members who are not yet in contact with the board secretary may enter their information here. (For the most current information about qualifications to serve on a county school board or a city school board, go to the Code of Alabama.)

  • Membership Types
  • Affiliate Types

    To facilitate support for school boards and public education, AASB has relationship-building programs for Businesses and Organizations, School Board Attorneys and School Board Administrative Assistants. These groups work closely with school board members and are crucial to their success.

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