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Services - Evaluation

Services - Evaluation

AASB provides what our member boards of education need, including instruments, to conduct three important evaluations: that of the school board, superintendent and chief school financial officer.


Instrument & Facilitated Workshop

Is your board focused on what matters? The Alabama Association of School Boards suggests regular, reliable evaluation as a tool for board self-improvement. How does your school board assess its performance? AASB’s board self-evaluation package is designed to help you identify where the board is effective and where it believes it can improve. The process will help you measure what really matters, clarify expectations and ensure accountability. Contact our Leadership Development team to request this free member-tool or to have us facilitate a discussion of your self-evaluation results. Plus, the facilitated discussion also counts as whole board training.


Instruments & Service

You’ve asked for a quality superintendent evaluation instrument and a flexible evaluation process. Now they’re here! Our responsibility-based evaluation can be completed by just the board or made into a 360-degree evaluation by adding assessments for the superintendent’s direct reports and community stakeholders. 

Use AASB’s goals-based evaluation instrument alone or pair it with the responsibility-based instrument. Both are web-based, easy to navigate and cost nothing for member boards to use.  Contact us to request these free member-tools. The instruments alone won’t be enough for highly effective boards. AASB can administer the evaluation process, analyze the results and present our findings to your board for a reasonable fee. This thorough approach gives a clearer picture of whether your system is making meaningful progress. Call AASB at 800.562.0601 to learn more.


Instruments & Service

Your chief school finance officer plays a vital role in the governance of the school system. He or she has a legal duty to keep the board well informed about the system’s finances and assists the board in making crucial decisions on spending. At the same time, he or she serves as a key member of the superintendent’s staff. While often overlooked at evaluation time, the CSFO’s performance should be assessed regularly in all these areas – and assessed by both the board and superintendent.

AASB has the expertise and tools to assist you with your CSFO evaluation. Our evaluation system, designed in conjunction with veteran school finance leaders, takes into account how well the CSFO performs duties designated in Title 16 of the Code of Alabama and by state regulations. Our system also is aligned with Alabama’s School Fiscal Accountability Act, which designates the method of employment and defines the fiscal responsibilities of the CSFO. As with superintendent evaluation, you can opt to use our instruments at no cost or to contract with AASB to administer the process and analyze and report the results. Contact us to request these free member-tools or to learn more about our CSFO Evaluation Service.

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