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Legal Assistance Fund

The Alabama Association of School Boards' Legal Assistance Fund, which has its own board of trustees, was established in 1980 to assist members involved in court cases of statewide significance and that are of common interest to school boards. LAF has stood up for school boards in numerous cases over the years. In addition to being a member in good standing with AASB, boards must pay LAF dues to participate in the Legal Assistance Fund.

Why Participate?

Every local school board benefits from each successful court case championed by the Legal Assistance Fund. Full participation by every school board in AASB’s Legal Assistance Fund ensures the resources for LAF to weigh in on these cases as they make their way through the courts. Participation is also critical so boards can rest assured that when they are in need of LAF assistance, it is readily available.

Get Started

Alabama school boards that have paid LAF dues must only contact the AASB Executive Assistant or call 800.562.0601 to request assistance from the Legal Assistance Fund. If the LAF trustees approve that request, LAF then determines the level of assistance that can be provided. For example, LAF may enter the case as amicus curiae or a "friend of the court" who is not a party to the case but offers information that may bear on the case.

Stay Informed

AASB, through its free Court Report Newsletter, keeps members informed about legal cases that impact education, including major decisions on LAF cases.

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