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The Alabama Association of Administrative Assistants (AAAA), founded in 2012 under the auspices of the Alabama Association of School Boards, is committed to achieving excellence and providing professional services to school boards, superintendents and stakeholders.

AAAA’s professional development programs are designed specifically to meet the unique needs of administrative assistants who work directly or indirectly with school boards. Their system-level duties are vast and vital – from handling public notice of meetings and monitoring the rules of order during meetings to maintaining certain public records. Their duties may even have legal and stakeholder-relationship implications for boards of education.

In addition to practical training, AAAA offers opportunities for novices in the profession to network with experienced administrative assistants, and the association also keeps its members up-to-date on key education issues.

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AAAA Officers, 2024-2025

PRESIDENT: Marilyn Speake, Tallassee

PAST PRESIDENT: Paulette Holley, Mobile County

VICE PRESIDENT: Jan Byrd, Hartselle

SECRETARY: Laverne Thomas, Midfield

LIAISON: Joy Brownell, Alabama Association of School Boards Membership Coordinator

Board of Directors

DISTRICT I: Tyra Martin, Mobile County

DISTRICT II: Sheria Morgan, Wilcox County

DISTRICT III: Windy Taylor, Crenshaw County

DISTRICT IV: Tamara Bowser-Brock, Russell County

DISTRICT V: Tammy Littleton, Fairfield

DISTRICT VI: Crystal Webb, DeKalb County

DISTRICT VII: Regina Nalls, Fayette County

DISTRICT VIII: Bridget Tannehill, Sheffield

DISTRICT IX: Lisa Teague, Huntsville

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